Conversas Analíticas 5 FIPFA

Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Octubre 2022.
Conversas Analíticas 5 / 5 Analytical Conversation
FIPFA – Festival Internacional de Performance-Art y Formatos Audiovisuales



Conversas Analíticas 5
5 analytical conversation

Artistas seleccionadxs 2021
Ideas sobre obra presentada + cuerpo de obra

Selected artists 2021
Ideas about submitted work + body of work



Artistas seleccionadxs 2021 / Selected artists 2021

Ideas sobre obra presentada + cuerpo de obra / Ideas about submitted work + body of work


Kyrahm & Julius Kaiser (IT)

“Human Instalation I Gender Obsolescence” 2009 Duration 03:54′ > Golden Pear I+ N+ H+
C+P YT Channel

Video & Artist Bio
Author: Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser; Performer: Jurij Zoltan Kurgan, Elia Ferpecto, Ellen Santiago, Dario Lepore; Event: Theatre Kollatino Underground; Organizers: Human Installations; Director: Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser; Dop: Alessandro Merletti De Palo

Queer Theory and Gender. the Identity and the Body. There is no need to wear the masks anymore: the self is revealed.
(among the best gender exploration performance in the world for IDKEXi Festival , Ohio, Columbus,2008, Arte Laguna Prize in Venice 2009)


Yin-Sheng Liu (TW)

«White Fantasy N2, an imaginary ritual« 2008 Duration 21:43’ > Golden Pear I+ N+
C+P YT Channel

Video & Artist Bio
Year: 2008
Location: venue/ bamboo forest of Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

I am quite fascinated by white. In 2008, I used “white fantasy” as the theme of my performance project. This work was originally intended to participate in the invitation of the Chinese performance curator «absence» film festival, but it was not published. In this work, a journey-like action was the beginning, with changing dress and gender in the bamboo forest, coupled with a ritual of unknown purpose, the final mysterious result. The essence of «fantasy» is expressed in the form of a film.

Born in 1974,Yin-Sheng Liu is an artist of several aspects, was honored special announced in visual art of Break21 international festival of young independent artists at Slovenia on 2000. His art projects are mostly constructed with visual elements, music, and live performance.Using “automatic drawing” to capture the messages from the cosmos, he tries to explore in Mysticism.These years he was invited by the performing art festival China, Korea, Serbia..He also has more cooperations with contemporary composer, with images an also performance.


Tomasz Zsrama (PL-FI)

“A lot of Money for One Small Sound Project ” 2010 Duration 14:08’ > Golden Pear P+
C+P YT Channel

Video & Artist Bio
Tomasz Szrama
Live Action NY/ 2010
Grace Exhibition Space in New York
Curated by Jonas Stampe

«A lot of Money for A Small Sound Project»
Art plays a significant role in my life. It gives me the very much needed leverage to keep the declining plane of my existence in balance. Even if this balance only lasts a fraction of a moment. It is for this very reason that I choose to incorporate mainly my own life experiences in my art. It works both ways, therefore the theme of art and money.

Tomasz Szrama (b. 1970 in Poland) graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. Currently he lives in Helsinki, Finland. Szrama shifts between multiple disciplines, including photography, video action art and other time-based works. Regardless of the medium, a dominant thread, common in his work is the use of his own body and methods of performance art, which he has practiced since 1995. Characteristic features of his actions are the use of spectators and improvisation. Such a strategy embeds his presentations into the tradition of understanding performance art as a process art, where the very moment of creation is essential. His work touches on themes of travel, trust in interpersonal relationships, and the ever present potential for personal failure.
Szrama has been regularly performing internationally in various events and festivals in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.
Between 2008 and 2017 Szrama has worked as a producer, designer, technical manager and has been responsible for organising live art events at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme. Further, over the past 16 years, he has been an active performance art event organiser. Currently gives lectures, and offers workshops. Szrama is a working grant recipient from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland for the year 2016 as well as the years 2018–2020, from the Kone Foundation for 2017 and from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for 2021.


Gustaf Broms (SE)

“The Sitting” 2006/07 Duration 05:54’ > Golden Pear C+ I+
C+P YT Channel

Video & Artist Bio
Gustaf Broms
Winter solstice 2006-winter solstice 2007
Central station Stockholm, Sweden.
Camera: Trishula.

The Sitting 2006-2007
Shave head – sit down in central Stockholm rush hour for one year.
The impulse for “ the sitting”
came out of the project “a walking piece”.
Even though the walk is very much an interior process,
the motivating factor is in the meeting with the outside,
the change in the surroundings, the history and memory of the places and people you meet. During the process, it became very clear to me
that my experience was a reflection
of my thoughts and attitudes,
rather than what my senses registered.
I became interested in the use of my own body as the tool for looking at these processes, inner outer, stillness/movement etc.
I wanted to “peel off ” the spectacular/exotic ingredients
from “the walking piece” ( the physical, foreign),
to simplify it, towards something more subtle,
and move the focus away from my own body and try to become more
like a mirror where the spectator/passerby see themselves in this figure.

Gustaf Broms was born in Sweden in 1966.
Gustaf’s practice is engaged with the exploration of the nature of consciousness, the dualistic concept of being NATURE, as the biological process of body, and being MIND.
In his practice, he started off working photography and installation, but two work in particular led him to work with the more formless processes of performance.
In 1991, Broms burned all of his work, and in doing so realized that the intensity of the action and the remaining ash far outdid anything he had previously made. In 2005, he completed a series of works entitled «5 Faiths for a Brave New World» in which he worked with objects that were physically too heavy for the body to move. These two experiences created a longing to explore the formless and led up to the project entitled «A Walking Piece» made with Trish Littler, in which the two artists spent 18 months walking across Europe. The result is considered a drawing.


Dimple B. Shah (IN)

“Tin Cry” 2010 Duration 14:38’ > Golden Pear P+
C+P YT Channel

Video & Artist Bio
Name of Performer: Dimple B shah
Event: Katharsis in Forbidden Zones (Solo Exhibition)
Date: October 2010
Venue: Sumukha Art Gallery
Curated: Marta jakimowicz (Art Writer and Art Critic)
Organizer: Sumukha Art Gallery, Bangalore
Documentalist: Mahesh Padia
Editing: Nataraj P.S

It is a video Performance based on the idea to preserve my body. One of the elements is Tin, Tin is used to preserve things from Decay, Degeneration and preserve the material. Tin is sometimes called Breath of Life. It represents the idea that the whole is stronger than some of its parts. Tin is used in for can coating: tin-plated steel containers are widely used for food preservation I attempted to preserve my body from decomposition but in process to achieving that I realized that it is impossible task since tin/aluminum foil which is used to preserve food and other items cannot preserve living human being and henceforth it cannot preserve my body and soul from corrosion. The effect of Tin became reverse on living human beings. It reversed it purpose in my performance – It became suffocating and non- breathable from Breath of Life it Became Death of Life. It was performed at different spots in the space studio both indoor and outside standing dazzlingly in the bright shiny wrapped body. I wanted to stand erected like sculpture something now from this world. The performance act talked about body endurance
and strength. I was baking inside the wrapped foil since the temperature in summer in this part of India reaches as high as 48 degrees Celsius, I was trembling and suffocating inside contrasting outside look was shiny and elegant This act became metaphoric subtle poetic narration of life when excess protection is given it can suffocate and can kill you. The performance became a Paradoxical Act.

Dimple B Shah is practicing multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore, studied in MS University, Baroda; her art practice has developed in Painting, Printmaking, Installation and Performance Art. She has worked in various residencies Krupa Gallery, Wrocław,Poland, The Art house UK, Villa Welbreta, Germany, Space Studio, Baroda, Glasgow Print Studio UK, Printmakers Studio, and Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy. She has been honored with National & International Awards among them ROSL International Residency UK 2019, Villa Welbreta Residency, Munich 2017, India foundation for Arts Grant 2014, Afiriperforma International Residency,Nigeria 2013, First Gold Prix in 7th Engraving Biennale, Versailles 2009, National Award, LKA, 2008, Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award, UK 2005, Arunawaz Award 2004, Junior Fellowship, HRD, Govt.2000/2. She had solo shows in Glasgow Print studio, United Kingdom. Sumukha Art Gallery & Kalakriti Art Gallery, 2019 she had show at The Art House United Kingdom, Manchester Contemporary ‘The Weitere Weiterreichung’ Berlin. she participated 3rd International Yerevan Biennale,
Armenia ,Hit | Haugesund International Relief Print Festival ,THE 5TH BANGKOK TRIENNALE, EIGHT INTERNATIONAL TRINNALE,BULGERIA, Dada Fest International Festival, Liverpool and Massachusetts USA. In 2020/21 pandemic period she participated in several online festival SPAR2c, Live Performance for ADF Event French Embassy, Live Action 16 Sweden, Transitstation London/Germany., R.A.W Beyond Belfast. She is practicing Live Performance art since last 21 years and widely performed in International performance Festivals and Biennales in the Zurich, Paris, Munich, Gothenburg, and Lagos, Colombo and Dhaka and many places in India. Currently she is focusing on developing printmaking and Live Performance Art along with community based performances projects.


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